Q: How is the shift from volume-based to value-based medicine likely to impact the kinds of equipment being purchased?

Q: What should administrators consider before investing in new equipment?

Q: What can vendors do to help when it comes to allocating resources across a health system?

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Q: As health care in the U.S. changes, will some imaging areas become more important? If so, what's driving these increases in importance?

Q: Should image storage and access to images change to accomodate ongoing changes in health care? If so, how?


Carestream knows that radiology departments don’t want systems that can’t keep pace with changing needs or advancements in technology. By focusing on modular capabilities that grow with your department, our systems are an investment in the future, not just the solution to a current need. Change is inevitable: Experience how the Carestream portfolio can help you manage that change and prepare for what’s to come.

  1. The DRX Family: Rooms, portables, and retrofit systems all designed around a common GUI and shareable detectors. This makes it easy and affordable to convert, replace or expand your current systems.

  2. CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound Systems: A premium system with a small, lightweight footprint. The all-touch control panel can be personalized to individual or departmental preferences for more intuitive and consistent imaging.

  3. The Clinical Collaboration Platform: A complete enterprise imaging platform that delivers the clinical data needed for seamless collaboration and improved care. The modular design integrates with your existing systems and allows you to choose only the functionality you need. Modules like the Radiology Workflow Orchestrator, Clinical Repository (VNA), Multimedia Reporting and zero-footprint Enterprise Distribution can be deployed as a platform or as individual services to unify your imaging environment across sites, specialties and technologies to empower effective collaboration and enhance patient care.

  4. The OnSight 3D Extremity System: A lower-overhead way to deliver 3D weight-bearing CT extremity images to your orthopedic clinicians, without disturbing your traditional CT worklist for neurology and trauma patients. The system fits in a small room, plugs into a wall socket, and may pay for itself quickly in a variety of practice settings.

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